Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1968 Camaro Convertible RS restore

I've been restoring my car for 4 years this month. This was my first car. I bought it in 1982. Wasn't old enough to drive but me and my Dad had us a good project to work on. It had the original 327 2barrel engine and automatic trans. the RS headlights were there but the motors, actuators and all were long gone. During my high school years this car saw several Grateful Dead shows and went to places I would be scared to go in a 4 wheel drive today. In march of 1991 I slid into the back of a brand new BMW and she was put in the barn. I pulled it out 4 years ago, and was gonna restore and be riding for $10000 or so. Man did I miss that price. I completely rewired the car, put new brakes all the way around including 4 piston disc brakes on the front. I stroked the engine out to 383 with a set of 69 Z28 186 heads. It's about too much of a motor but it'll be fun. Went with a 69 Muncie M20 transmission and a 342 12 bolt rear end. I put Hotchkis convertible frame connectors under her. Interior is Houndstooth and deluxe door panels. The list goes on and on. Hope to be riding by summer. Who knows though??